Rotary disc mowers kc

Rotary disc mowers kc

KC rotary disc mowers are rear-mounted mowers designed for cutting all types of grass and forage plants, mowing areas alongside roads and for public utility works. This type of mower is equipped with powerful cutter bars with gear transmission, highly reliable even during intense operation. They are also suitable for operation under difficult conditions, such as: flattened and tangled grass, damp terrain, terrains with molehills, slopes, during moderate rainfall, etc.


– Powerful and reliable cutter bar with gear transmission
– Does not destroy either plant stem or root
– Scatters and lays mowed mass (does not flatten swath by pressure),shortening drying time and facilitating the operation of wheel rakes
– Large working width

Technical characteristics 

Type FPM 627.926K FPM 627.927K FPM 627.928C FPM 627.715K FPM 627.113C
Working width (m) 1.6 2 2.4 2.8 3.10
Number of discs 4 5 6 7 8
Number of knives per disc 2
Linkage 3-point
Tractor category I, II
Tractor minimum power output, kW (hp) 21(29) 25(34) 31(42) 38(52) 41(56)
Tractor output shaft RPM (r/min) 540
Disc RPM (r/min) 3030
Maximum tractor operating speed (km/h) 16
Maximum work rate (ha/h) 2,5 3,2 3,8 4,5 5
Cutting height (cm) 3-9
Swath width (m) 1,2 1,4 1,8 2,2 2,5
Cutter bar lifting system hydraulic
Required hydraulic linkage 1 single-acting valve
Safety mechanism yes (float spring)
Width in transport position tractor width + 25 cm
Weight (kg) 366 405 452 530 650