About us



Since its inception Agrorid has been engaged in the sale of tractors, tractor mechanisms and motorcycle programs. The Agrorida team is focused on farmers, farmers, fruit growers, winemakers, their demands, desires and preferences. Our business is not just selling, but we believe our clients are at the center of everything we do and their satisfaction is our primary concern. The world we live in is global, and we are part of it where the growth of the population is inevitable and globally widespread, and the demand for food is rapidly expanded. We, as a Serb nation, are responding to the great challenges with a rich fertile and native country, industrious farmers, farmers, fruit growers and winemakers, with great export potential both in Europe and intercontinental. Supporting our people with the machinery we offer is of paramount importance for work and survival!

Director Miloš Radonjić AGRORID – a reliable partner for every farmer.