Motor hoes FPM 511

Motor hoes FPM 511

FMP 511 motor hoes are high-quality hobby machines designed for soil cultivation in gardening, market gardening, greenhouses, and fruit growing and for maintenance of grassy areas and parks. Optimal design with low centre of gravity and powerful motor enables efficient use of these machines even in difficult conditions, although they are not very heavy or massive.


– Proven and reliable German technology
– Easy to use
– Low maintenance

Technical characteristics 

Type FPM 511
Engine GCV 160-Honda XT 7-Kohler
Engine type single-cylinder, four-stroke, fan air-cooled
Fuel gasoline
Power output (kW (hp) / r/min) 4(5,5) / 3600
Start manual
Clutch coupling (clutch assembly) bal
Transmission worm shaft with one gear for moving forward
Handlebars height and side adjustable
Safety system “engine-stop” lever on the handlebar, engine stops when lever is released
Working width (cm) 45-65
Maximum working depth (cm) 15
Blade rotor RPM (o/min) 130
Weight (kg) 44