Tafe 6530 4WD

Tafe 6530 4WD

Tafe 6530 4WD

Motor diesel-type (kW / KS)

Simpson SJ 436E-EU II, 4-stroke 63 HP (46,5 kW), 2300 obr/min Diesel direct injection 4WD

Number of cylinders


Fuel tank capacity in cm3

3600 CC (3,6 l)

Fuel injection pump

High-pressure pump rotational BOSCH

Engine cooling system


Mechanical with sliding gears on the input side of the planetary gear on the output side of the gearbox

Number of gears, forward / reverse

8 / 2

PTO independently, o/min

540 rev / min at 1790 rev / min on the motor

Lifting capacity at the end of the lever in kg

2050 kg horizontally

Tyre size: front / rear

9.5x24 / 16.9 x28

Weight with ballast in kg

2820 kg
Fuel tank capacity (l)

Dimensions; length / width / height in cm

Clearance in mm

275 mm

Air conditioning


Power Steering


Levels fenders, hood blocky, drawbar hitch, stabilizing chains, protection tires, an adjustable seat, front weights ram. An independent brake pedal, hand throttle, the parking brake, a box for alat.Alat, power connection pin 7, a pipe for tipping, the vehicle registration table

Horse power



Popular design, excellent performance, easy operation, ease of operation and user friendly hydraulic system.

  • Economical Simpson SJ 436 diesel
  • Transmission 8 R N + 2 with the engine emissions regulations EU II
  • pto
  • Two stage dry clutch
  • Checkered cloak engine
  • Hydrostatic steering
  • Front Axle


  • Front and rear weights
  • protective frame